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Selling Avon Campaigns 7 and 8 2017

Sunday, March 19 2017

Avon Campaign 7 and 8 2017 What's New

Avon Campaign 7 2017 Tips:

  • Share the Avon ANEW Sheet Masks with your customers. Share your experiences, take advantage of Avon Social Media posts, share information from the Avon representative eStore and take advantage of the Avon Campaign Central Information.
From Campaign Central: Sheet masks are the hottest trend in skin care right now and ours are the best! Our masks are super-saturated with a concentrated serum. Tightly woven mask material doesn't tear, and holds serum more effectively on skin.The Firming Mask lifts and tightens and the Brightening Mask brightens and refreshes.A Royal Jelly in Firming Mask is known for firming and anti-aging benefits. White Pearl Powder in Brightening mask promotes a clear, bright appearance.I made a video demo as well as a short review video and uploaded them to YouTube. I did a Facebook Live and Periscope Live videos. I shared a picture of me trying the mask on my Instagram. I also made a blog post about the masks that included my YouTube video.
  • A Share the Spring Candle Collection! Share benefits of our candles--three wicks, 30 hour burn time, 11 ounce candles, evenly burn when burned all the way across, lovely scents (Spring 2017 scents are Blooming Jasmine, Water Lily, Dewy Orchid, and Mademoiselle, with notes of strawberry, tangerine, pink jasmine and amber). Made in the USA. Great for gift giving! $9.99 each in Avon Campaign 7 2017 and 2 for $22 in Avon Campaign 8 2017 (Regular price is $19.99 each)
  • Share the Reasons We Love Spring Inspirational Items (featured on pages 160-163 of the Avon Campaign 7 Brochure)
  • Share the Spring Fashion Items and Jewelry!
  • Start suggesting Mother's Day gifts to customers.
  • 50th Anniversary for Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil..Spring Limited Edition Original Bath Oil in 25fl. oz Bonus Size for $15.99 in Avon Campaigns 7 and 8 2017From Campaign Central: Everyone loves Skin So Soft, and now ita??s available in a pretty, limited-edition spring bottle. Skin So Soft is America's most iconic brand for a reason, it delivers! Just pour a little into a warm bath, or smooth on your skin after bath or shower for instantly smoother, softer skin. These signature oils are designed to act like skin's natural oils, helping replenish moisture and nutrients. Locks in up to 50 times more moisture than lotion (Oil on wet skin compared to an ordinary lotion on dry skin). Original formula is made with jojoba oil and has the classic, fresh herbal scent.

Avon Campaign 8 2017 Tips:

Avon Campaign 7 2017 Sales

Tuesday, March 14 2017

Avon Campaign 7 2017
Avon Campaign 7 2017 Brochures

Avon Campaign 7 2017 is effective online 3/7/2017-3/20/2017! For the current Avon Catalogs Click Here.

Avon Campaign 7 Sales:

Shop the Current Avon Brochure Online

How to Shop Avon Campaign 7 2017 Online

There are three options to shop Avon online at my eStore! The quickest way to begin shopping is to click Shop Now on your Avon Representative's homepage. Remember you can always enjoy free shipping on your $40 online direct delivery order with no Avon Coupon Code needed. All other orders are $5.95 shipping unless you are in Alaska or Hawaii where extra shipping charges may apply. The online brochure and shop by product # options can be found in the upper right corner of the page after you click "Shop Now" from a Representative's homepage.
  1. Shop the Online Store (this is like any other website online shopping experience). Find items you like and click "Add to Cart". When you are done click the shopping bag in the upper right corner. You can even save items for purchasing later!
  2. Shop the Online Brochure. Browse through the current online brochures and when you see something you want click on the image for the item to come up and you can add it to your cart.
  3. Shop by product #. For this option you will need the campaign number and item number. You can use this to back order out of the previous two campaigns (for Campaign 7, you can back order out of Campaign 6 and Campaign 5). Use the drop down menu to select the campaign you are ordering from, put in the item (product) number (a six digit number xxx-xxx), add the quantity and double check the item description and price. When you have added all items you wish to purchase click "Add to Bag". Then, check out using the shopping bag found in the upper right hand corner of the page.
Be sure to register online to receive special offers, coupon codes, etc via email!

Special Deal! Only Available in Campaign 7 2017!

Avon True Color Wide Awake Mascara Set $5 with $40 purchase
Get the Avon True Color Wide Awake Mascara Set ($22 value) for only $5 with your $40 purchase in Campaign 7 2017
Avon True Color SuperExtend Precise Liquid Pen in Black .034 fl. oz. reg. 8.00
Avon True Color Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Lotion 2 fl. oz. reg. 6.00
Avon True Color Wide Awake Mascara in Black .237 fl. oz. reg. 8.00
Click here to get to the set on my eStoreThe special product pricing will be reflected when you have $40 in your order cart. Limit One Per Customer. While Supplies Last.

Avon Coupon Codes March 2017:

Use coupon code WELCOME for 20% offUse coupon code THANKYOU20 for 20% off
Use coupon code WELCOME or THANKYOU20 at check out for 20% off your order of $50 or more online! These codes are one time use per customer and expire April 11, 2017! If you have used these codes before you will not be able to use them again. Certain product restrictions apply and the discount will not be reflected on those items. Typically the Avon Living items are not applicable.For more coupon codes and special offers click here
Three ways to Shop Avon Online:
1) Shop my online eStore
2) Shop my online Brochure
3) Shop by Product #
Avon is the company that started it all when it came to direct sales! It has been around for 130 years! Avon offered women the opportunity to be CEOs of their own businesses and control their economic destinies 95 Years before the first woman was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court...77 Years before the first woman traveled into space...76 Years before the first woman took the reins of a Fortune 500 company...34 Years before women in the U.S. had the right to vote... and17 Years before the first woman won the Nobel Prize...
Learn more about AvonIn less than 5 minutes, you can start your own Avon business! Fill out the registration form and select which kit you would like to start with. You can use your free online store to start right away! Learn more about how it works and sign up today at: Use reference code: adavis0493To shop Avon online, visit https://adavis0493.avonrepresentative.comAmanda Davis, Avon Independent Sales Representative, New Avon, LLC, United StatesRead more about AmandaFollow me on Social Media:
About Amanda Davis - My Avon Story
I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and still live locally. I have my Masters in Teaching for Early and Elementary Education and I am an early childhood teacher. I have been teaching for five years. In the next five years, I would like to get my reading specialist endorsement so that I can become a reading specialist. I joined Avon in August 2011 in order to earn an income around going to college full time. When I first joined Avon, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I had never heard of direct sales. My mother had actually been an Avon Representative briefly before I was born and she shared some about the company with me and said that I should go for it! I met with my upline sales leader and she signed me up and the rest is history! Over the last several years, Avon has become a major passion of mine and I have enjoyed being able to share Avon and it's products and missions with those around me.In 2013, I took an interest in expanding my online Avon business and since then I have been blogging and growing my Social Media presence. Avon is truly loved by many and when you start sharing that online you can really see the love and support from others worldwide. Even though we can only serve customers in the United States and share the Avon opportunity with those in the USA, worldwide followers will find you on Social Media and the web. ??In 2014, I was awarded the Spirit of Avon award and I earned the coveted President's Club sales level and my first Mrs. P.F.E. Albee figurine. Mrs. P.F.E. Albee was the first Avon Lady back when David McConnell (Avon's founder) had the California Perfume Company (which later became Avon Products). In 2016, Avon Products North America was bought out and thus New Avon, LLC was born. I have been super excited for the new changes of New Avon, LLC! My goals in 2017 are to continue to grow my online presence, earn President's Club sales level, and become an Ambassador or above in our leadership chain. I do not have a family yet, but my hope is that when I decide to start one I can use Avon as a source of income in order to stay at home with my children when they are small like my mom stayed home with me and my brother until we both were in school.To join team A-mazing representatives visit and enter reference code: adavis0493 if prompted.

Avon Incentives March 2017

Wednesday, March 01 2017

Vacation Like A Boss (Avon Campaigns 3-9 2017; Trendsetter Campaigns 5-11 2017)

The Basics:Earn an all inclusive trip to Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas for 3 nights and 4 days from June 11-14 2017
How To Earn:
Earn a total of 2,500 Leader Points during the incentive period to earn the trip for you (the representative) Earn a total of 4,000 Leader Points during the incentive period to earn the trip for you and a guest
How do I Earn Leader Points:
  1. Earn 75 Leader Points for each campaign you reach $300+ in Award Sales during the incentive period
  2. Earn 150 Leader Points for a recruit from an Avon source (ALMA) that places a first or second order of $150+ by the end of the incentive period
  3. Earn 300 Leader Points for a recruit from a personal source that places a first or second order of $150+ by the end of the incentive period
  4. Earn 1,000 Leader Points when you level up in leadership title (Ambassador and Above) Earn points for each title promotion. Promotions must occur during the incentive period.
  5. Mentor someone in your first generation of your team to a higher Leadership Title and earn 500 Leader Points
Good luck earning your trip to the Bahamas!

Ticket to Boss Life (Avon Campaigns 2-13 2017; Trendsetter Campaigns 4-15 2017)

The Basics:Every ticket is a winner! Possible prizes include:
  • Cash valued at $100, $500, and $1000
  • A trip for 4 to Disney World
  • 60'' Samsung Smart TV
  • Apple Ipad Mini 2
  • Trip to New York City
  • Coach Corner Zip Wristlet
  • 7-piece Cookware Set
  • Ninja Coffee Bar Carafe System
  • JBL Headphones
  • Free Avon RepFest 2017 Registration (Will be held in Nashville, Tennessee in August 2017)
  • Avon Branded items--water bottles, etc
  • Gift Card from Town and Country (Avon's official partner for branded items such as advertising materials, business cards, etc.)

How do you earn a ticket:Earn a scratch off ticket for each new team member that signs up and places an order of $150+ during their first or second campaigns during the incentive period. Orders must be placed by Campaign 13 2017 (Trendsetter Campaign 15 2017).Your recruits for Ticket to Boss Life will also count towards Vacation Like A Boss points through Avon Campaign 9 2017 (Trendsetter Campaign 11 2017). You will also earn bonus money when bringing on new team members that meet the sales goal of $150+ in their first two campaigns. ($50 for new representatives in the Kickstart program-see below and $20 for all other representatives).

Kickstart Program for All New Representatives

The Basics: Earn $1,010 in your first 90 Days when you meet all Kickstart goals for both sales and leadership
How do you earn $1,010?:Meet all six sales goals and add three qualified recruits to your team in your first seven campaigns and earn a bonus of $200.
Earn 40% when you meet sales goals in your first seven campaigns:
  • Campaign 1-Any size order, earn 40% on all products sold
  • Campaign 2-Award sales of $150 -- earnings of approximately $60 (if all orders are customer orders)
  • Campaign 3-Award sales of $200--earnings of approximately $80
  • Campaign 4-Award sales of $250--earnings of approximately $100
  • Campaign 5-Award sales of $300--earnings of approximately $120
  • Campaign 6-Award sales of $350--earnings of approximately $140
  • Campaign 7-Award sales of $400--earnings of approximately $160
  • This is a total of at least $660 when you meet the sales goals for Campaigns 2-7
*After your first seven campaigns you will earn 20-40% based on sales levels
Earn $50 for each qualified team member during your first 7 campaigns:Each time you add a new team member and that team member places a first or second order of $150+ successfully meeting their first Kickstart sales goal, you will earn a $50 bonus. After your Kickstart time period is over you will earn $20 for each qualified team member. You will also earn a bonus based on your sales leadership level. For the Kickstart program (your first seven campaigns) find three people to add to your team for a bonus of $150. If you find more than three people and they all meet the requirement, you will receive even more money!
Earn $660 on sales + $150 for bringing in new team members + $200 bonus for reaching all Kickstart goals and you've earned $1,010. You can also earn more money if you sell more than the required goals!

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